Day 5 – the costs sink in as well.

September 27, 2006 at 9:26 am Leave a comment

Well, I don’t know where I found the will power to get up this morning and work out. I was SO tired. My own doing for staying up late.

But the realization that I might be starting lupron in just a couple of weeks made me realize I just need to put my all in this.

I feel good after at least having worked out this morning.

This morning also DH applied for the IVF loan. Wow, up until now the it was only the procedure and the chance at having a baby that started seeming very real, but now after the breakdown of the loan and payments per month, the cost of this is seeming very real too. I had some moments of self doubt. Should we have tried injectables first as the RE suggested? Am I crazy? Does it all have to be this way? And am I jumping the gun way too soon? Is it simply nuts to pay this much money at something that’s not even a complete and total 100% bet?

But no… aside of a slight feeling of sadness at not having to think how much we will have to pay for a chance at something that’s supposed to happen for free, and bitterness that its not covered by insurance…. overall, I know I am still firm on this.
Just this morning yet another coworker announced a pregnancy. And that just hits home these days. I recall when one of my coworkers had announced their pregnancy and feeling sad even back then that someone else is so lucky while its taking a while for me. Now that baby is already 8 months old!!!! And I’m still wondering whether I’m too early in considering IVF? I don’t think so.


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