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Day 27 – His Stress.

My lupron phase continues on – no sweat. Aside of trying to squeeze the lupron shot into a commercial break while watching TV, we are hanging in just fine.The much bigger problem is DH’s work load of late. It is stressing him out and stressing me out with him. Not what we need right now. He’s been working so much that he ran a fever last night. I completely freaked. That’s an IVF no-no. How can this be happening now?

I know that we’ve been lucky in so many ways when I look at life in general, think of suffering kids in Ethiopia and all that. But man, sometimes I just can’t help feeling that we DO have the most rotten luck in so many things – if something can possibly go wrong, you can bet that it will for us, right at the worst time. I mean, I don’t even remember the last time DH had a fever. Why now? When everything I’ve read says clearly that a fever for a man 1-2 months prior to IVF is BAD.

I hope it won’t affect anything, but I am beginning to resent his job. Its great most times, but why does it have to go into high gear right when things should lie low? We are spending thousands of dollars on this and I’m going to go through so much physically. I’ll be darned if his work load jeopardizes everything we are working for. All so that some server can run smoothly.

I mean, where are the priorities?!?

Unfortunately hubby is a workaholic in denial. He “tries” to do something about it, but the job always always ends up being number one anyway.

I just hope that things ease up, because it is causing a tense environment when we least need it!!!

To me, even though I do not think about what we are doing 24-7, I am always intensely aware of the enormity and expense of it. I can sacrifice the month that it takes to do this right, whatever it takes. Even if I have to take extra pre-caution. Already I’ve structured my entire month around what we are doing to make certain it isn’t compromised in ANY way. And I’d rather be safe than sorry and take 10 extra steps just to avoid potential pit-falls.

Men always seem to take things more lightly and have the attitude that things will take care of themselves. Of course that creates tension for the woman because she feels like if she doesn’t cover EVERYthing, there is no-one to have her back. Its like keeping watch and not being able to blink or take breaks because you don’t feel like you have someone as any kind of a backup.

Perhaps I’m ranting and its not that bad, but sometimes I freak out that if things are starting off like this when its just lupron, then what could happen when things get a heck of a lot more serious with stimming, appointments, retrievals and more?

The thought of hubby’s pager going off during a crucial appointment is enough to tie me up in knots so bad, I dont think 50 massage therapists could undo it. Not what I need right now.

On another note I called the pharmacy today and called in the rest of my meds. A whopping 2K plus charge is consequently slapped onto my credit card. I thought of having them in by tomorrow so that hubby can have the weekend to aquaint himself with the stuff. Lets hope he has the time!


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Expecting Number 2… :)

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