Day 43 (cycle day 15) – Follow-up Appt with a seeming turn for the better.

November 4, 2006 at 1:33 pm 2 comments

DH and I were at the office at 8:30. We said a little prayer about my u/s and bloodwork and asked that we would hear good news.Blood was first. I asked the nurse about my e2 level as she was taking it, and she said that my e2 was a little high but that’s why they lowered the meds, and that it should be fine. That I did have a lot of large follies that could have raised caused that level.

DH also asked about the ovidrel shot that we brought with us. It looks so different from the hcg shot we’d taken for our IUI. Looks like this one is the easy version – its an already prefilled shot given subcuteneously in the tummy – no mixing of meds. That’s good to know. We’ve become pros at tummy shots!

We sat back in the waiting room to wait for the ultrasound and for the first time there was chatter amongst the women in the room. Usually its dead quiet – we all kind of eye each other but do not say a thing, and wait for our name to be called. Sad really. I mean we are all going through the same thing, and we all probably participate very actively in online forums with each other. But in person its kind of different. Suddenly, its a stranger.

Talking was a fresh change. There was a particilarly social lady that kind of kicked the conversation off, and we all started talking about our quests to have babies.

Finally though, it was time for my ultrasound. New u/s technician.

He looked at the uterus first which as always – everything good there. Then he looked at the right ovary. He immediately said that I have a lot of eggs. That he sees about 15. I asked if it is 15 total and he said no, 15 in just the right ovary. What??! How did THAT happen. I’ve never had more than 10-15 antral follicles (total), with only one time when I had 19.

He said there were a few at 15.3 inches. Then he looked at the left ovary. My lead folly was still there at 17.3 now. But he said it was OK and that they were all really close together. I asked about my lining and he said it was 11.something. 11.3 or 11.6 – can’t remember. I think 11.6.

The nurse met with us after the u/s and said that I have 20-25 follies between 13.5 and 17.3 and that everything looks great. That I won’t need an appointment tomorrow and she will call me with my dose for today later today and I will get another call about my dose for tomorrow once the lab gets back in.

I asked if that means that retrieval wont’ be on Monday and Tuesday anymore, and she said it looks more like wednesday right now based on the size of the follies. She said that if the follies had been 17+ they would have triggered me, but they all still have room to grow and are of the same size, so they will ignore the one 17.3 one. I asked her if that’s good. I’m still all confused with e2 levels and what not. She told me I should not worry, and that I’m doing “exceptionally well” (she actually said that!) and that I just have a lot of follicles which are making my e2 so high.

Just as I was typing this, I was called with my dosage for today – I’m to continue 100 units. (DH guessed it right – I had guessed they’d bump me up to 150). She reassured me once again that I’m doing fine and told me I need to quit worrying. Worrying? Me?? 🙂

So I have my dose for tonite and will get a call about tomorrow’s and then its back to the docs on Monday.

Wow, non-worrisome news for once. I’m stoked! I don’t know how long the good feeling will last. News changes by the hour with IVF. Its good, then its bad, then its just OK. But hey, I’ll take todays’ news and enjoy the rest of my weekend 🙂


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  • 1. Lut C.  |  November 4, 2006 at 2:53 pm

    That is a bunch! I hope you’re not too uncomfortable. Good luck.

  • 2. Heather  |  November 4, 2006 at 4:38 pm

    That is a lot of follies. Good luck!!!


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