Day 52 (cycle day 24) – My transfer!!!

November 13, 2006 at 5:34 pm 4 comments

This is another one of those days when there are so many new impressions and emotions that I don’t know how I can fit them into one post.The day didn’t start off too good. I woke up around 4 am and went to the bathroom and weighed myself. 2 pound gain!! And there had been a gain yesterday too so I started to freak out a little. Should I have not worked out yesterday? Am I geting OHSS? Will this compromise my transfer?

I ended up sneaking into the study trying to read everything I could right there at 4am. What I was scared of most was ovarian torsion. I definitely had a slight feeling of cramping and bloating. Were my ovaries twisted! :O

Somehow I managed to force myself to fall back asleep. I had a very vivid dream of going in for ET and developing all the symptoms of severe OHSS right before transfer. I was certainly glad to wake up from that one!

I need to mention that my scale is flaky, and what as a 2 pound gain was a 1.5 pound gain when I got up the second time. I did talk to the nurse about it, and she told me that if I have ovarian torsion I will be in severe pain. She told me to continue all my gatorade drinking and stuff, and after some questions she said she thinks I’m just fine. She also wished me good luck! Looks like I was all ready to go on my transfer!!!

At least the worries about OHSS took my mind off the worries of the news we would face at the lab.

We got there slightly past 12:30. I inched open the door and saw my checkin nurse from ER who quickly smiled at us and let us in, to be led into exam room 3. (Looking at the place again, I actually might have been in room 4 the first time)

I had to change into my gown again, but this time could leave my bra on. I had worn all pink today, but had to get into a blue gown. The nurse asked if I wanna go to the bathroom and if I could fill up again within the hour. I had brought a couple of water bottles with me and was drinking one on the way.

While I was gone, she gave DH his outfit too. This time he gets to be with me!!

Pretty soon as I had been changing, we got a knock on the door and 2 embryologists walked in. Here came our news!!!

They were both very pleasant and verified our last name and then said, that they are happy to report that we have 2 excellent blasts for transfer. They showed us their picture and started to go over the details. As one of the embryologists explained, one of these blasts was so perfect that it is a rarity to see one like that. And that because of this, they heavily recommend we transfer only one. They said it is our choice of course, but that their lab (heavily believing in trying to produce one healthy baby as often as possible) will offer us an incentive to transfer only the one, and that they will freeze the other one for free.

Our chances with transfering both were going to be 80%, with 65% chance of twins. With one, we would take a 10% cut with a resulting 70% chance of success. They gave us some forms to fill and sign our decision and told us to seriously think about it after discussing it with our RE.

We asked how many other eggs made it. They said that 10 of them were all blasts today and that the remaining 5 were still alive, but just not at the blast stage yet. They had just picked the best one. They felt pretty confident that we would have some to freeze tomorrow – and of course there would be the one today should we choose to transfer only one.

We asked about a FET cycle success rate and they said they have one of the highest rates for FET in the country at 50% chance.

I mentioned that I had had a miscarriage, and whether I should transfer two in that case, just in case. I was surprised to hear the embryologist say that if that was the case, I was that much better off transferring only one. That two might raise my risk more.

We were left to think about it, but not before DH took a photo of me with them, holding my photo.

After they were gone, we stared at our little embies together. Wow. Who would have thought?! The one planned for the transfer showed a huge inner cell mass that would become the baby if everything goes well. The inner cell mass was graded a perfect rare A.

We discussed a little what to do, although we both had kind of felt before even going to the lab that we would go with whatever their recommendation was.

In all my excitement, I almost forgot to finsih undressing! The nurse came back in to make me comfortable and said that our RE would be there shortly to talk with us. She took my blood pressure and it was sky high again. From excitement?

Hubby changed into his outfit. He looked really fine in his blue autronaut like suit and show covers and mushroom hat and stuff. I was reminded once again, why I fell in love with him in the first place and was just staring at him with little hearts in my eyes.

Soon our RE walked in. Darn, I’m getting kind of fond of him. Can’t we kind of come see him always, even when this cycle is over?
He immediately said he hears we have 2 excellent embies and that he was wondering what we had decided. He mentioned that in my condition with being so high risk for OHSS, 2 embies (vs one) would increase my risk further.

I asked him about my weight gain and he asked how much I had gained and told me its probably OK and to just watch out for it. That typically symptoms really show up several days after ET.
I asked about ovarian torsion and he waved it off, saying that in 15 years he had only seen such a case once.

He confirmed that a miscarriage would not affect things and that my chances would not be any different. He said that by transfering one, we lower our chances for success slightly, but that combined with this cycle and a FET should this cycle not take, our chances would be the same anyway. He left us for some time to think about it while he went to change into his gear.

By then, DH and I both felt OK to go with their recommendation and we signed the sheet.
The RE came back and we took a photo with him too.

Then they wheeled me out. The nurse in the op room asked me how many we had decided on. I said one, and she said “good for you”.

How nice to be widely awake and aware of my surroundings. And have DH with me too! The embryologist verified once again my name and social.

I scooted down and the RE inserted the speculum. I noticed immediately that it was very warm, almost hot. He explained that this was to keep the whole process for the embie warm.

He then swabbed the cervix clean a few times, explaining as he was going. Then he said for me to now try to be quiet and still.
He then placed in the catheder gently, I did feel it and a slight stinging kind of cramping but nothing at all unbearable. He explained that he was curviing around my cervix. It was weird to watch the embryologists stand behind a glass window behind us.

Then the RE said loudly that its ready and an embryologist ceremoniously walked in carrying something. I did not lift my head too much cause I wanted to remain as relaxed as possible. DH held my hand.

I’m not sure that I felt anything go in. I was definitely feeling something all along. I kept praying and thinking about the smoothest transfer possible.

The I was done and the RE asked the embryologist to verify that embie is in. Shortly he did, and so RE removed everything and then he and my husband kind of slid me back up on the bed. Then they wheeled me back. I was to lie that was for an hour. RE said things went smoothly, although “concerned me” couldn’t be sure enough.

I mentioned that I had had some cramps and he said that’s OK, and that as long as I didn’t feel the embie go in, that’s what they want. I was to sli still an hour so that the drop that the embie was in could dissolve. I asked about spotting and he said that can happen sometimes but not usually.

DH and I stared at each other again once the RE left. It felt so unlike anything we’d ever done. DH then said he was really sorry about my miscarriage and that we had to go through all this. Somehow I was OK. This was all such a special experience.

I wondered if I was cramping or whether I was just massively uncomfortable from a full bladder. I wanted to know if cramping was normal and whether it would go away. DH went to ask the nurse, and before I knew it, the RE came running back. ( he had just done another transfer) He’s really nice. He made sure I was all OK. And he said a little cramping is ok, and that everyone is different but it could be my bladder.

After he left I kept lying down closing my eyes sometimes and trying to relax and and DH turned on the TV softly. The room was dim. I had the silly thought of how big I must have looked to the embie. Like this HUGE, giant mothership. I felt gigantic.

My bladder certainly was feeling terribly uncomfortable and I kept looking at the clock. I could be up at 2:30. Somehow, amidst a light conversation and some relaxation, it was finally 5 minutes till and DH went to find the nurse to see if I could be up. She came back and said sure. My bladder would have burst open otherwise.

Finally I was getting dressed and being put into a wheel chair again, and wheeled out to go home! I was all done!

On my way I saw another lady getting ready and wished her good luck. I guess hers was the third transfer.

DH drove home carefully and we talked a little, while listening to some relaxing music. He told me he had a feeling that embie was a boy, and I laughed, saying I had the same feeling. Hopefully (very hopefully!!) we’ll get to find out.

At home, he put me straight in bed and kept asking me what I want to drink or eat. Then he asked if I want to listen to the Anji CD. A wonderful lady online had sent it to me for my IVF cycle. I said OK, so he brought it and we actually did the exercise together.

I tried to be very zen and relaxed as we listened to the post transfer exercise whether the soothing voice talked about a ray of light over your body, or any color you imagine. DH seemed to be into the exercise even more than me.

It was very peaceful. Except unfortunately our dog kept licking his butt the entire time.

When the voice said to gradually start becoming aware of the sounds around you, DH and I both started giggling, although we still tried to be zen.

When we were done he asked me what my color of light was. I said white and a little pink and blue. His was just white. Hehe.

The he went off to the store to get me some fruit, and I am lying here typing this.

Well… we’ll see how the rest of the day goes. We’ll probably watch movies. Its so nice to be waited on. So far so good!

I of course couldn’t help but wonder if we should have transferred 2. That’s my trait. I always second guess unlike DH. But ultimately I couldn’t have asked for happier news this transfer. And I do hope that if (hopefully!!) this one takes, I might still go and get the other one some day.


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. My Reality  |  November 13, 2006 at 8:24 pm

    Congrats on the fantastic embie and great transfer. I hope the 2 week wait passes quickly for you.

  • 2. Heather  |  November 13, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    That embie sounds really good. I am wishing you the best of luck!

  • 3. makariya  |  November 14, 2006 at 10:59 am

    Congrats on a good transfer. I’m wishing you a relaxing and quick 2ww. Your embryos do sound perfect. Good luck!!!

  • 4. hopefulmother  |  November 14, 2006 at 11:42 am

    Sounds very promsing!


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