27 week update: Third Trimester Begins!

May 2, 2007 at 7:19 pm 13 comments

I’m trying not to go missing in action for too long, so want to make another update today – on the day the third trimester begins!!!!!

I can’t believe I’m actually here, but yup… here I am… now beginning the final leg of this pregnancy.
Doing great. My weight gain seemed to have evened out according to my last appointment at the doctors. She told me not to worry at all, and I have stopped. I’m going to focus solely on the good things, and not worry about extra pounds. In fact, the transition has been made from worry to sheer excitement. It is a time when suddenly, there are a million baby-preparation things to do, and the excitment of it all simply hits you. While at first, you live only from one doc’s appointment to the next and hold your breath in between, now your focus shifts to nurseries, showers, baby classes, and of course above all, this wonderful little being inside you that doesn’t let you forget their presence every day! Its a wonderful time!

I am also so very happy to report that two of my wonderful buddies who had IVF cycles with me and not had it work out, are now pregnant again. In fact, more than just two. I am so incredibly happy for them, and have wanted to see them pregnant more than anything. My prayers are with the women who are still waiting, and I can’t wait for it to be their turn.

I’m definitely showing now! And today in Starbucks (yup, I guiltily had a cup of coffee), the lady at the register asked when I’m due. Yes!!! Someone who DOESN’T know I’m pregnant can finally tell!!! 🙂

Also so much has been accomplished – we bought a crib, registered at the hospital, even painted the nursery this past weekend!! And yesterday, took a baby-care class. I’m going to have a baby shower and am excited about going to register for it. There is so much to learn about babies and I’ve been swallowing books and information as much as I can. Somehow slowly, the different terms and terminology are finally becoming familiar to me. I’m learning all about that world and preparing myself for what awaits in less than 3 months. I’m excited but also, just enjoying the moment. That has really been the key to this pregnancy for me – just enjoying today for today and not looking past today. When today is a good day… then all is wonderful in the world. And why ruin that by worrying about tomorrow – and things it may or may not bring.

I’ve not had the magazine-model-perfect pregnancy – far from it 😀 But I can honestly say I enjoyed every day – even through the horrible nausea and the rapid weight gain. Because I keep my perspectives, and my cup is only ever half-full. I feel it is way more than half full!

We still do not know the gender of our little one and there have been days when I thought I just want to know!!!! I want to know who is kicking in there – my little son? Or my little daughter? I was hit with the realization that I will never experience knowing this while they are still inside – unless we find out. But somehow also… not knowing… is so special. Its like a special something that I’m “saving” for the big day. I cannot imagine what it will feel like in those final moments of labor and the excitement of knowing that I’m about to finally know what God has given us. Because it is already perfect – the VERY individual that has been meant for us to raise. And nothing else matters.  

As always looking ahead, especially after looking back, I know that I will never be able to know how things will go. I don’t know what the third trimester will be like and how hard (and how hot!!!) it will be. I don’t know what the result of my GD test next week will be. I don’t know how and when birth will go. But I don’t need to know all that today. I don’t need to worry about it today. I will only continue to live it one day at a time. And trust God to guide me through it all, no matter what it is.

So third trimester here I come! Complete with my now-obvious belly and one fiesty little baby in it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

PS: I know that I’m not on this blog a whole lot, and have not kept up with the blogs of some of my buddy bloggers as much as I had hoped to (sometimes there is so little time online!!) but I am very active on this board:

And encourage anyone to drop by and visit to know how things are going, and certainly join as well if they wish to!!! It helps to have everyone share all in one place sometimes 🙂


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25 week update! My 30 week update…

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