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100 Days to Go!

I keep this pregnancy application on my phone that has been fun to keep track of – it tells me the days to go, shows a picture of the baby, gives weekly information and so on. Today I glanced at it and realized that it is exactly 100 days to my due date! So today starts the official 100 day count-down. And if this baby is going to come a little earlier than the due date, as I predict, that is even fewer days!

In other terms, that’s about 14 weeks to go. 14 weekends remaining to get everything ready, which are also jam packed with the holidays and all kinds of events and things to the point where I am literally wondering how it will all fit in! And yet this baby is coming ready or not, and I am doing everything I can to take the time to appreciate this pregnancy, no matter what!

I now feel very distinct movements, like when the baby is awake and changing positions. I am also finding it a lot harder to get comfortable sleeping, and I still like to pretend I am sleeping on my tummy, even though I realize I am not. In fact, now at 6 months plus pregnant, it is pretty obvious that I am. I have gained about 26 pounds. Not at all the number I had hoped for, but at least in the last 4 weeks it has only been 2 pounds. I am hoping this number sticks around and doesn’t go higher for my next appointment next week, which also happens to be the dreaded glucose test. Since I am at high risk, I am pretty apprehensive of it. I failed the first test when pregnant with DD, but thankfully passed the second. I guess we’ll see this time around what is in store for me. I am of course praying to avoid it.

Life with a toddler, does not allow much time to “baby” your pregnancy though. I am lifting, chasing, pretty much doing everything I would be doing as a mother of an active toddler, pregnant or not. I laugh sometimes when I hold her in my arms before bedtime, and the new little one inside my tummy starts to kick her. She doesn’t mind though. In fact she nods very seriously when I tell her there is a baby inside mommy’s tummy, like she definitely is aware of that. She changes her mind daily as to whether she would prefer a baby brother or baby sister. Not that I think she knows what the difference really is. 🙂 I guess its gonna be one or the other one way or another 🙂

Yesterday, I went shopping  at a Baby store and bought something for her as well as for the new little one. That’s a first. I bought some pants for her, and a pair of beige white soft warm pants (with feet) for the baby in the making as well. She was a summer baby, but this will be a winter baby. It hit me, I don’t really have any warm newborn clothes!

I’d like to say we’re in full swing of getting ready, but really we’re not. Not yet. A ton remains to be done. I guess we now have 100 days (less in reality) to do it. I hope that between now and my next update a few solid things will be knocked out that I will feel good about. That, and even more importantly, that I will do good on the glucose test and pregnancy will continue to be uneventful.

Life, and this pregnancy is rolling on. One hundred days more to go! 🙂


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Expecting Number 2… :)

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Skipping suggested injectables,
moving to IVF
Bloodwork: Oct 12 for lupron
ER estimated 1st week of Nov

25 eggs, 15 fertilized.
1 blast transferred, 6 frozen.
Precious baby Girl born in July 07.

After 2.5 years of Bliss since that BFP...

April 2009: Start of TTC #2.
(Going back for the embies I left)
Apr 15: Start of Natural FET cycle.
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May 11: BFN :(
Straight to Natural FET #2
May 29: Transferred single blast
June 4: BFP!!!!
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