Failing the Glucose Screening and more…

November 13, 2009 at 11:14 pm 2 comments

On Tuesday morning I had my regular doctor’s appointment together with the glucose screening. The appointment itself went OK, other than that my blood pressure was originally sky high – as I expected it would be from being nervous about the glucose test. Or maybe it was from practically doing jumping jacks in the bathroom to burn off some excess sugar. Luckily, a second reading a little bit later (after trying to get a little bit more Zen) was more normal – 128/70.

I had diligently taken in the orange flavored sugar drink 45 minutes prior to the appointment and finished it at 9:15am. So I had my blood draw at 10:15, right after the usual pleasure of listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

I was also given the swine flu shot – which they luckily had just gotten in the office. AND they sent me to another place that they had heard had the regular flu shot. So talk about having a needle filled day.
But I guess nothing comparing to what I will face next week. Unfortunately today at 10am, they called me with the news I was hoping not to receive, even though I knew it was a slim shot. My levels came back high. My 175 didn’t quite make the under 140 mark, so its off to the glucose challenge test for me again. And this time, I am somehow really dreading that I will have the condition – maybe because I know I am heavier (20 whole pounds!) than last time and am so high risk anyway with diabetes in my family.

I was told I can come in between Tuesday and Friday of next week, so I chose Tuesday – might as well get the test done sooner. And I’m just going to pray that I pass it the way I did last time.

I absolutely cannot believe that I did not seem to record anywhere what my levels came back for the screening test the last time. I suspect it was a little lower than 175 – like maybe 169 or something. But I have no idea! I actually never wrote it down – not that I can find anyway. Somehow it would have been comforting to look at that number right now to compare somehow. I guess I will just have to call the office and get it on Monday.

In the mean time, I decided enough is enough and I really need to start making myself a priority with more healthy eating habits and a daily workout. My life right now is crazy. So I am on the severe backburner all the time. The last thing I seem to have time for is the gym. So today I made it out to the gym and worked out for 25 minutes. And I’ll just have to make time no matter what. I am kicking myself a little for practically going my entire 2nd trimester without any exercise. I just SHOULD have made this a priority – isn’t my and the baby’s health the top priority right now no matter what? But crazy as it is, when you are hit with a million things going on and a toddler, somehow going to the gym just falls off the radar. I am getting about 6 hours sleep a day – and am busy from dusk till dawn without a moment to spare, and I still can’t squeeze everything I need to into my day. Unexpected things constantly crop up. Things take longer than I want. Its just a crazy life and that’s that. And I realize it won’t get any easier once my little newborn is here, which is why I panick and keep cramming more and more to do now, while I still (sort of) can. When I realize how little time is left, it is a little scary. I actually can’t believe I am about to enter the third trimester this Sunday (27 weeks). How did THAT happen!??! It really does feel like it is on the brink – and with the holidays and a million other things right in between, it feels like there’s no time at all.

Well, I will just keep doing what I do – taking a deep breath and dealing with it one day out of time, hopefully I will manage to knock out everything that needs to be squared off before the baby comes and the million other things too. Oh and yeah – a daily work out. Because I think I have realized that I simply have to start putting the health of this pregnancy at a much greater priority than I have been.

I’m praying that I pass the glucose challenge test next week!


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3 Years Ago… I am diabetes free! :)

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  • 1. Lut C.  |  November 14, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    You’re being to hard on yourself. Plenty of exercise may very well be useful to ward of regular diabetes, but pregnancy diabetes?
    And you are taking your baby’s health very serious, that’s why you’re getting so much prenatal care.

  • 2. Jys  |  November 15, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    Thanks Lut 🙂 I appreciate the pat on the back to not be too hard on myself. I oscillate between trying not to be and remorse that I am not as healthy as I “should” be. And yet life is crazy. I know if I have GD I have it, but I sure hope I don’t – I guess in a few days I’ll get to find out where I stand.


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