A special day – Remembering this day 10 years ago when my girl and boy were conceived

November 8, 2016 at 9:26 am Leave a comment

Today may be the day we find out who becomes our next president. But 10 years ago today, this day had a very deep personal meaning for me.

It was the day of my egg retrieval and the day that 2 of my kids came into existence. And the great thing about IVF is that you know the EXACT day it was – one of the special perks of IVF I guess 🙂

So this morning, first thing is I re-read my post today from 10 years ago. Wow. You know girlfriends, for those of you keeping some sort of journal or blog going, please do – you’d be surprised how much detail you COMPLETELY will forget forever unless it is written down. Of course that goes for any special or big memories of your life. You will remember the main facts and a few little things, but so many details will be lost over the years unless you take the time to imprint them somewhere.

It was awesome to be able to re-live that day through my fresh memories of it written on that exact day. And the only thing I know today that I didn’t know that day, was that it was the day 2 of my babies came into existence. One that I got pregnant with that cycle, and another whom I went back for later.

So today, is truly a huge anniversary for me when I think about it. Who would have known that that dawn I was mesmerized with that morning, was truly the marker of that beginning that I had felt that strange presence of at the time.


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HELLO 10 years later! Ten years after IVF – Retrospect on IVF journey

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