A visit to my ob

I know that I am posting so infrequently here, that each time I do, I have a tendancy of wanting to catch up on EVERYthing and all my emotions from the past X months and beyond since I had last posted. Which of course is impossible to do, and as is, my post seems so long in the end, I get surprised that anyone out there would even care to read it start to finish.

I know people blog as a way to document their feelings and their experiences in life. What do you do when the rate of feeling and experiences way way way way surpasses any kind of time that you actually have to blog about it? I guess it builds up within and you never do get to write about it or share it in full like you wish you could.

In gist, I will at least update to say that yup, my DS is now a 6 month old baby. And the happiest, sweetest, most amazing baby I could have dreamed. Writing about him alone would take up at least a million posts, because I could talk about just that forever. But for the purpose of this post, in terms of me,I had what is supposedly an annual check up today. Anytime I have a special kind of day that brings back so freshly the memories of pregnancy, birth and all things related to creating life, I feel that urge to blog about it here. The place that started it all.

First off, I was surprised when I even saw a message pop up on my phone to remind me about this appointment coming up. I had a vague recollection that it was coming up somewhere soon but had not really thought about it. Suddenly when I saw that it was, especially at a busy time for me as it was, I started wondering if I am better off switching to another day. I was so shocked to hear that my doctor is booked out pretty much till next year! I asked, wow, well what if I were pregnant again??? Surely they wouldn’t make me wait till the baby is about to be born. The response was, well, that’s a different kind of appointment.

Yes…. somehow I forgot how much a priority status you get  when you are pregnant at an ob office.  It seemed so sad somehow that not too long ago, this office was practically my second home. But now I am back to only getting my 10 minute visit once a year. its such a harsh change. I wish it were at least twice a year. But I suppose the less one needs to see doctors the better it speaks of one’s overall health?

Anyway, I frantically tried to put every question I could think together. When you have this scary thought that you only get to see your doctor face to face to ask her important things once a year, you suddenly really don’t want to mess up, and make sure that you address them all.

Surprisingly, half my questions that I wrote down seemed to concern a potential future pregnancy. One I do not even know if I will ever have. But I keep going back and forth. The thought that I would have a second child was almost a given. I knew that if I COULD at all get pregnant and have another, I would almost certainly go for number 2. A third is a much trickier thing – at least for me. I wish I had this “FOR SURE” knowledge like so many people I seem to see – they are SURE they want only 2. Or they are SURE they definitely want 3. Or they are SURE they just want one. Not me. I am truly torn between the incredible responsibility that every additional child adds, in every way from financial to the time and commitment to raise an individual and on and on – there’s all of that on one side. And yet on the other… there is that strong feeling that I would be so much happier if this were not my last time and my last child. Especially so when I know I have those embies waiting. How could I ever not ever go back and see if any of them are meant to be. Just like I cannot imagine my life without DD or DS now… is there someone else that I would forever rob myself (and anyone else in this world) from ever knowing.

It is absolutely CRAZY what this type of journey to having children does to you. Just today at this same office, a chatty nurse mentioned how happy she is with her IUD device for birth control. All I could think about was what my doctor had told me, that she is not going to lie and that “part” of how that device works is that it prevents implantation IF for any reason conception does happen somehow (it supposedly releases hormones so that it never does). But she said it is unknown exactly how it works and that it uses all of these methods to prevent pregnancy. I remember having told her that I would feel hypocrytical then to use that method of birth control. If it prevents implantation while I have embies I am saving all at the same time.

The future is certainly unknown. Will I ever go for another FET. If I were to guess, purely on the way I feel today, I would say…. yes. I would probably put on blinders to everything from how much more responsibility I will forever have to how much more expensive life will get and complicated and on and on, and I would just do it. But we’ll see how things go and how both I and DH feel as more time passes.

All the same, I felt the need to ask questions just in CASE it will become our destiny to try for another. Will it be easy to conceive, or rather get pregnant (the way I would want to) after a C section? would I be able to do a VBAC? And on an on. I asked about how well my incision area is healing and all of that as well.

Through it all, I just felt like a sentimental sap, looking at these familiar walls and recalling what they mean to me and how I had spent my two incredible and special pregnancies here. I fully realize when I look at the staff and my doctor that no matter how wonderful they are to me (like I am the only person who they had ever delivered in the world), this is their way of life. Since I gave birth, there have been tons more deliveries, and while each one of them was the hugest event to the parents, for them, it was yet another standard week of work. I just feel fascinated how some of the hugest events in people’s lives, that they experience maybe 2 or so times in total, are literally a daily typical work day for others.

Before I left I asked my doc, in her opinion, and especially doing this for a living, what does she think is a good reason to have another child. And she responded with something that had a profound impact on me. She said “When you feel that someone is still missing”.

I sat there, nursing my baby before I had to leave, and thought… someone is missing. Those embies that are waiting. Suddenly my 50-50 feeling of whether I would ever go back for another spiked to more ofa  70-30.

Although of course I know I cannot make huge decisions like this on a whim of sentimental/emotional/hormonal moments. There is so much I know I will have to face in terms of  things to consider.

But we’ll just have to live and see.


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The return of the ironic fertility

The weekend before last I noticed something I had not seen in a loooooong time – ewcm. (Almost everyone who spent long enough ttc knows exactly what that is). And I thought… could this mean that my fertility is now returning after having had my baby and all these months of nursing. I figured well, I guess I will find out in two weeks if this gets followed up with AF. I didn’t need to wait that long. My long lost AF suddenly reunited with me out of the blue on Saturday. After well over a year (not counting childbirth of course) of being completely and blissfully AF-free.

It was somewhat bittersweet. Although I can’t complain after 5 months, when with my DD, it just took 2. For some reason, even after having a baby, I kind of hoped to not have anything that would even make me think about fertility for a while and just enjoy the moment – an AF-free life is really not that bad. But she’s back. And why do I have the feeling that she will be returning monthly again the way she always does.

I think sometimes about whether it is in the stars for me to have a third child someday and do this whole thing all over again. Sometimes I think its just something I tell myself “might” happen, but realistically it won’t. Other times, I tell myself that it is inevitable that i will yet do another FET someday. But for now, I just enjoyed my new DS and put those thoughts aside for as long as they would stay there. The return of AF, reminds me that one day, sooner or later I will  have to think about whether this is a journey I will once again embark on. I’ll guess we’ll see how life turns out. For now, I simply don’t know.

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THIS baby.

I wish I had more time to write on here. Even though I feel like this blog is somehow strictly all about trying for a baby, and hopefully HAVING a baby, what does one do then when trying, and pregnancy are over? The fact is, these unforgettable journeys and memories are something that I always think about, almost every day, in one form or another. Like today, I happened to remember that today was exactly one year since my first FET transfer – of the embie that wasn’t destined to make it. Somehow amidst all the chaos and hecticness of every day life (and it sure is crazy with everything going on right now) I still happen to remember this. Simply because… I cannot forget.

Somehow, the whole process of embarking to ever have children has made me much more appreciative of time and if how every moment in time is unique, never to repeat again. A long time ago, a Christmas was just another Christmas, a summer was just another summer, and a birthday was just another number to add to the years. But now, every event and every period in time, is something I look and think wow, this moment will never come again. Whether it is the precious Christimas of when my daughter was only a 5 month old baby, or the summer when I excitedly started expecting my second, or a birthday where for the first time, I was the mother of two, and the mother of my newborn son.

10 plus weeks have gone by now, and next week – in just one more day – I start work again. I look back at this time I was able to enjoy at home and at my precious baby, and I once again have this thought – that this time will never come again. Sure, I will still have my baby of course and see him every day and nurse him every day – but it will just be a new phase and chapter of life, where I am back at work now with a brand new baby and juggling being the parent of a baby and toddler, moving/selling homes (which is about 90% of what consumes time up right now) and just trying to survive a crazy stage of life.

Amidst it all, I hope to find the time to enjoy every single moment that I can of the time with this precious baby. DS has turned out to be an absolute angel. I honestly cannot imagine how a baby could be more easy, more peaceful, and more content and am so very grateful for this kind of blessing, at a time when things are definitely very hectic. Now, having had DD turn from a precious little baby into a toddler at the blink of an eye, I already know only too well how soon my son will do the same – which makes it much more difficult to let go. Each day I hate the fact that this time of having him as a sweet little baby comes at a time that is so absolutely busy with everything else going on, that I have to split my time and emotions between a thousand things and can’t just devote all my thoughts and emotions to savoring this precious baby. I certainly do what I can to the max that I can. But I can’t stop everything else that is going on. And also of course, I will also always be the mother of my first little one. This baby, sadly, will never have me as completely and fully as my lucky little first one did. But the love I feel, is just as insanely strong. And I know without a doubt, that he will never know the difference and that he will still be showered with more love than he can handle. So the sadness about not having enough time, is all mine. But it is there, none-the-less. I think about how quickly he will grow up and every day I am just in total wonder about how precious this baby stage is – in a way, it truly is like a honeymoon period between a mother and child, that lasts for a moment in time. A honeymoon, that one of them will never even ever remember. Heck my daughter, who nursed for 2 whole years, including the entire first trimester of my pregnancy with her brother, was already laughing to see her baby brother “eat mommy” and thought he was “silly”. So much for remembering! 🙂 lol When I look at her today, I realize in a crazy way, that the beautiful little baby she was, is already gone forever. I will only have my memories. I am immensely enjoying her as a toddler and I know she will only ever continue to morph and that one day, before I blink, she will be an adult. Everyone says it goes by fast, and I am starting to believe them.

Sometimes, more often than not lately, I entertain the thought of having another one day. I keep telling myself, don’t be so sentimental about this being the “last time ever” – of being pregnant, of having a baby and so on and on. After all, who says it HAS to be the last time. I have a compelling reason to go for it again after all – I still have embies left. But also I know, there is a compelling reason to be very careful before commiting to the ENORMOUS responsibility of raising yet another child as well. Will we be able to pull three when even the challenges that two have presented so far are definitely enough to keep us way more than busy. Thankfully, I don’t think about it all too much just yet. Heck, I JUST had this one. So I am in my ‘grace’ period, so to speak.

But there is one thing I know for sure. That regardless of whether I ever do have more children or not, every baby is so very unique and so very special in their own way. I will never again have THIS baby. And the time with THIS child, whether DD or DS, only ever ticks every day while they morph continously and grow continously into what will eventually be another adult.
I guess this is a the bitter-sweet beauty of being a parent. A sentimental one like me anyway. At times I wonder if I hadn’t been on the journeys that I had, if I would have ever stopped to realize all these amazing facts and appreciate life so much more. Regardless, I am glad that I do.  Because I think it helps to make sure I thank God all the time for this amazing gift and for this privilage and that I never take it for granted and only ever rather hate the fact that I don’t have enough time in a day to appreciate every God-given moment.

There is a side-note where I need to say with regards to something I just had never had a chance to even write about on here yet, I had reason to see my OB again a few weeks ago since I ended up having a muscle separation in my abs (all having  to do with pregnancy) and so I had a chance to question the birth control method that was being suggested to me – the IUD, and about how it “really” works. She told me that the old copper ones of the past worked simply by preventing implantation but that current ones have hormones in them that supposedly prevent sperm from ever reaching the egg in several ways, but she also smiled to say she realizes why I ask and that she won’t lie and that that ultimately yes, they also make the uterine lining thin and prevent implantation “should” an embryo ever form. I said to her that yes, it would feel very weird to me to use this method of birth control when I actually am storing precious embies that I consider paying huge money and going through cycles for to get to “implant”.

It all makes me realize how much I value each and every individual life now – even at the stage when it is only a potential. Each one has a potential of being a “THIS baby”. One that is unique and unrepeatable. One, like the baby I am ever so lucky to have in my life right now.

If there was a way to bottle up this precious time with him, I would be busy bottling. 🙂 But already, even in his mere 10 weeks of life, there are things that have already become just memories. And even the crazy and awfully difficult time we spent together in the hospital his first 10 days have all now become a precious memory for me.

But I look forward to making many many more, with THIS baby… and savoring each and every one.

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The Bittersweet Postpartum Checkup

I had my 6 week checkup today. The last official appointment for this pregnancy. Why are these things always so sentimentally sad? Or is it just me? You get a doctor and a place you go to that becomes just a routine part of one of the most amazing/special times in your life. And then its over and it feels like goodbye. To an ob/gyn, this is what they do, day in day out. Patients come and go and babies are born every day. But to us, they become this part of the most special events of our lives. And then its time to say goodbye. Why can’t we keep them? 🙂

I guess we can if we just keep getting pregant over and over. But reality is getting pregnant, going through pregnancy/birth and the responsibility of raising a person is this HUGE ordeal and one always just has to think twice before even embarking on this journey – starting with the whole stress of BFNs or BFPs and continuing on and on till…. well, forever. You never stop worrying and stressing after that. The type of phase just morphs from one into another, but each comes with its set of things to worry about. Those of us who survive TTC only have to go on to survive everything else. To our child’s first illness to the day when they get teased in school to meeting their first boyfriend/girlfriend to worrying about whom they will marry to worrying about THEIR kids – it simply never ends after that. So each time before we even consider the nuttiness of adding yet another such journey into the mix, we have to think very carefully. What is wonderful about it, is truly priceless. But the bad parts are hell.

For one thing… pregnancy and childbirth is certainly not a picnic. As romantic as it is and as magical as it sounds, it takes a toll on your body the likes of which no IF treatment has seen. I have now experiences both kinds of child births and I have to say that while the moment your child is born is equally as powerful in each, the whole process of birthing and recovery is equally as horrendous. While I kept hearing that a C section is longer to recover from, I certainly didn’t find the pain of recovery worse than for my first natural birth experience. I’d almost be willing to say I preferred the sore site being the tummy than being sore whenever I sat on anything. And I do remember the moment when I knew I was going to have a C-section having the some-what good thought that my perineum is going to end up unscathed for this birth.

That said, of course the C-section comes with its own price. I found out today that I can never again be induced now that I’ve had a c-section. I didn’t know that. Is that a so-bad thing? I don’t know. But this means that any kind of “planning” if I ever have another child will be the c-section kind. If I want to have a vaginal delivery, I’ll have to go into labor on my own.
I almost might have a numbness above my incision, perhaps forever. Its not horrible, but it may never go away.
Oh and of course, yes, I’ll always have a scar. That said, the technology they use these days is amazing with dermabond – and my wonderful ob, who had 2 c-sections herself was particularly good at this procedure, where everyone raved to me about what good a job she does. Even now only 6 weeks out, all I see is a thin line that’s healing really nicely.

The not-so-nice part about it is that I have the dreaded overhang of skin over it. This is definitely one case where “out of sight, out of mind”, does not apply. the overhang of skin comes courtesy of having been pregnant, and in my case with a particularly large baby. That too may be something I get to keep forever, since I was reading today that it can be almost impossible to get rid of the overhang other than having a tummy tuck. Awesome. Hey, at least there’s that option.

Finally something else I’m upset about, and this has nothing to do with anything other than being my own fault, is that I have regained some of the weight I lost!!! I stepped on the scale this morning and to my horror, I saw that I had regained 9 of the almost 40lbs I lost! This is a trap I really didnt want to fall into a second time around. Nursing is supposedly great for losing weight, but it makes me RAVENOUS. Something I have vowed to fix as of today. I am going to have to start eating only healthy foods, crazy as my life is right now.

My ob of course discussed birth control options. Yet another one of those mind game things for those of us who surviving ttc. After surviving TTC, you kind of figure you are your own birth control. But yes, there’s this funny thing called irony. And since I was technically unexplained, with both DH and I passing every test with flying colors, who knows. If I ever do get pregnant again, I certainly would want to reserve it for my embies. We’ll just have to see how life plays out and if I am destined to survive ttc again.

For now, I left my doctors office today with another bitter-sweet feeling. Like the kind you get when you leave your RE’s office because you have moved on. Now, I have moved on from pregnancy too. Thank God that my relationship with our pediatrician will be a very long-term one. That’s at least one kind of doctor you don’t say goodbye to anytime soon.

As far as the damage to my body and everything that is involved, I know that I look at my little newborn and know in that instant that it is all worth it in a heartbeat. Then again, ask me again once he turns into a toddler like my little DD. I already see, from raising her that yup, he will get there. Which makes that newborn phase even more special right now and something that I want to cling on to. Hey, after going through all that we mommies do, we deserve to have that precious newborn to keep forever as a prize. Why they have to turn into toddlers with terrible twos,or teens down the line, I don’t know ;P

But oh well, enough for one post. I’ll have to come back here and write about all the other things on my mind and all the other feelings and phases that I can’t cram all into one day.

For now, I survived the post-partum visit. And checked out OK! 🙂

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The Last Pregnancy Test

OK, I will fully admit to being a sentimental nut. Or something like that.

Before my pregnancy was over,I bought one last pee stick. My last pregnancy test that I figured I will take before I deliver, just to see that BFP again. We all know (those who have survived TTC) what that BFP means to us. So much more than it may mean to women who never had to survive ttc. So I wanted that one last glance. I honestly don’t know if I will be pregnant again. As romantic as a BFP is, what follows, in the best outcome of a healthy baby 9 or so months later, is a lifetime of responsibility and sacrifice. One cannot go making those BFPs very lightly as a result. So knowing this, I thought I’d have my one last test and thrill to see that BFP and know that I am pregnant.

However in all the craziness, it is the one thing I forgot to do. I finally took the test today. Thinking that maybe with all the postpartum hormones (isn’t this the 4th trimester after all?) I might still have enough hcg in mybody to turn the test positive.

Well, it was negative. And I guess in a way, a final realization that pregnancy is over. That transition from pregnancy to having that baby in your arms happens all within a day – usually such an eventful day, that it takes a long time to catch up with your own emotions and even process the whole birth experience. Unlike the last time, I can’t say that I miss terribly being pregnant. My first pregnancy was easier. I felt like I could literally jump up and fly even in my third trimester and enjoyed every minute right up until DD was born. With this pregnancy, everything was a surprise and completely different. Towards the end, I would have horrible pain in my cervix every time I was upright and the baby was moving. Life was pretty uncomfortable. In fact right now, it is amazing how light I feel. In a way its a relief to not have the baby IN me anymore. I may be recovering from a C section and feeling like I just got ran over by a truck, but other than carrying around a pair of pretty heavy breasts loaded with milk, the feeling of not having to carry around a melon size tummy is pretty nice. My baby weighed almost 11 pounds. Quite a shocker. But now I realize why I was so uncomfortable.

In 11 days I lost 35lbs, which has put me pretty close (a couple pounds) away from my starting weight with this pregnancy. That is a huge boost for sure and I know now not to mess it up (lets hope I don’t) – cause nature doesn’t just shed weight off you like that forever. At some point it stops and if you don’t take over and eat healthily, you DO start gaining weight again. That happened with DD. In 9 days I had lost 24lbs and for some reason was delusional enough to think that I am now a fat burning machine that can consume just about anything and still lost 5lbs the next day. Not at all. So this time, I’m going to try to be more careful.

Its been taking me a while to process all my emotions, this whole journey and where I go from here. Of course, not like there is a ton of time for mental muling. There is a toddler and baby to take care of around the clock. I do love it,but hard work it is. Kind of the kind of work you do only out of that kind of insane mothers love. Part of me is sad, because I already know how quickly it ends. My children will simply never know nor appreciate the selfless sacrifice that is a constant in my life daily. My daughter, who only 6 months ago was nursing herself, thinks it is hilarious that “baby eats mommy”. And wouldn’t dream of the fact that she ever did same. She also doesn’t like to be kissed nearly as much as I would love to. I have to say night night and just wave my hand at her many a night. She’s just transformed from this absolutely precious and wondrous baby into an independent and wonderful toddler with a mind of her own. And so will he. I know this now. So I just try to enjoy every precious moment that I can. Amidst all the business and craziness, I try to save as many memories as I can,and savor the moment. This is my moment that is given to me after everything I have been through to have this child. This baby and the way he rests in my arms, and this powerful and devine time between a mother and her newborn – as sleep deprived as she is. Its all gone in a blink. And since I may never experience this again, I will just try to enjoy every minute of it now and remember it forever.

And as far as surviving ttc? I guess lets see if I am destined to make this journey again. I will never totally rule it out, cause it’s depressing to. But I know realisitcally, having a 3rd is definitely not as a sure thing as having a 2nd for us. Still I have embies waiting. So you never know. Just maybe… Maybe we’ll just go for it again.

For now, I’ll just deal with Surviving HTC (Surviving Having Two Children) 🙂

That’s a whole journey in itself!

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My baby is in my arms! (the long overdue update)

It has been impossible to find the time to finally update this blog after all the adventures I have had over the past few weeks, but needless to say, yes, my baby is here. And so I am at least taking this quick moment to update those of you who are kind enough to visit to check on me.

While it would take forever to write down the whole story (I will have to come back and do that one day) I will stick to the main details that I got induced on the 17th and now have a beautiful baby boy.

Labor had a few curve balls and I ended up with a C section after it became apparent that a vaginal delivery wasn’t going to be likely. The baby had a rare presentation that did not lend itself to me dilating past 6cm. Furthermore, the baby was huge and also had his cord wrapped around his neck twice.

Having delivered my first vaginally, of course a c section wasn’t what everyone had expected, but I have to say that the moment of birth was just as powerful and wonderful.
The twist to the story was that I ended up spending 10 days in the hospital instead of the 3-4 because my little one decided to develop a temperature at a couple days of life which ended up putting him in the NICU. I don’t know how I survived this intense period of time with everything that transpired, but now finally, I am home.

I have a lot of catching up to do with all my emotions and of course I am still healing. But I look around me and I see my two beautiful children. Surviving TTC became so much more about just surviving TTC.  After everything that we go through as mothers to bring these children into the world, whether this starts with difficulties conceiving or not, the work, the sacrifice and the very life we put into this, is not describable by any words. Our bodies are put through so much, from pregnancy to delivery to nursing just to keep life going. And we survive it all, not just the TTC part.  

Somehow you look into their eyes and it is all worth it. But it costs a LOT.
I am so very thrilled to now have my DS in my arms after all the adventures it took to bring him into this world, starting from the day he was left behind to wait 2.5 years until I could come back for him. It is all very surreal and unbelievable. And yet it is.

I will try to find the time to give a more detailed account of my adventures. But for now – welcome to the world, my son!

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Valentine’s Day: 40 weeks! And counting?

With 15 minutes left to go before midnight I think it might be pretty safe to say I’m not going to have a Valentine’s Day birthday here after all.

I am 40 weeks today! A milestone I have made for the very first time. It is actually strange to sit here thinking – this is my due date. And to go past it. I guess every pregnancy IS different, and it is interesting to have it go a different way for a change.

I feel like the baby has grown to a whole new level size-wise. The night before last (Friday night) in the evening the baby started moving with such big and strong movements that it was excruciatingly painful to stand or move during that time at all. On that particular night I even got concerned that maybe the baby is too active and behaving in a frantic manner. I even spent some time looking it up. But now it has been happening every night since, in the same fashion. I think baby is just much larger than anything I’ve ever had to carry in the past. After all, I am in uncharted territory right now.

I feel now like the baby just isn’t going to come out. Silly as it might seem, the only reason I simply KNOW the baby will, is because I have the scheduled induction one way or another. I am wondering whether to try to push that date now (I never even thought about it twice in the past because I never thought I’d make it to that day). But on the other hand, when I think about the size of the baby I wonder if it will be wise to just go for induction after all if I haven’t delivered by that day. I’m WAY uncomfortable these days and the pain against my cervix is something else when baby is moving if I am trying to walk at that time. And its not like I’ll get any brownie points for waiting longer – baby will still be zero days old on the day of birth. I hope things will happen sponteneously before the induction, but we’ll just have to see at this point. I’m not guessing on anything anymore, that’s for sure.

At least today I got to RELAX. Forget all the honey-dos and all the productivity – I decided, I simply need a day of rest. Since Dh was home, he helped out with DD quite a bit and did all the cooking and cleaning, while I spent a good part of the day simply relaxing in a recliing chair – *bliss*! After all, when will I get to do this again? And in all honesty, I have to appreciate the magnitude of work and responsibility that I will be faced wtih in just a few more days or even hours when I will for the first time in my life have both a toddler AND a newborn to care for and be thrown back into breastfeeding every 2 to 3 hours and weeks of sleepless nights, not to mention recovery from birth. Yes, I think a relaxing day was well deserved today.

I will just celebrate the fact that I am 40 weeks pregnant today on my due date that happens to be the special day of Valentine’s as well. 40 weeks, and who’s counting anyway! 🙂

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Bloodwork: Oct 12 for lupron
ER estimated 1st week of Nov

25 eggs, 15 fertilized.
1 blast transferred, 6 frozen.
Precious baby Girl born in July 07.

After 2.5 years of Bliss since that BFP...

April 2009: Start of TTC #2.
(Going back for the embies I left)
Apr 15: Start of Natural FET cycle.
May 1: Transferred single blast
May 11: BFN :(
Straight to Natural FET #2
May 29: Transferred single blast
June 4: BFP!!!!
June 8: 1st beta - 177
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June 2013: Surprised with a completely natural and completely unplanned BFP!
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